Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Critical Communications for the Cognitive Age

"Critical Communications for the Cognitive Age"
by Moin Rahman in 
LTE TodayMay 2014, (p. 28 -33)

In my article, I discuss how a (socio-technical) systems, or STS, approach is required when designing critical communications for LTE to realize its full potential as well as create an ecosystem for reliability, anti-fragility and human interoperability insofar critical communications and computing are concerned. Taking such a systems approach -- from the back-end, through the backbone of a LTE network and to the sharp end of the system -- can deliver unrivalled benefits to professionals and first responders performing at the tactical-edge and the human agents in the system at-large both during normal and, more importantly, abnormal situations.
Article (pages 28 - 33 only) for download:Drop Box (or) Google Docs

The author, Moin Rahmanis a Principal Scientist at HVHF Sciences, LLC
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